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Archive for June, 2013

So I’ve been reading Lesley’s posts on xoJane

(if you want to read them for yourself, go here, it’s her bio and on the sidebar, links to her articles) and she does a series called Lesley’s List where she lists things that make her happy, and I like that idea. A sort of “count your blessings” thing.

Sooooooo I think I might do that. I need to be more active on this site and it seems when things are going poorly, I just can’t get the motivation or gumption to write, and when things are going well, well, I still can’t get the ┬ámotivation or gumption to write, either! So maybe doing a weekly Happiness is..List might be the one thing I CAN handle blogging about!

So..Stay tuned for my first Happiness Is..list..er..sometime this week